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Interviews, Press, and Video

In July, 2023, Matt Santos sat down with Micki to talk at Torme about her upcoming production of La Posada, opening October 6, 2023 @ 7PM at Prescott's Elks Theatre with additional performances on October 7 @ 7PM and October 14 @ 2PM. Matt is a great interviewer. Click here to hear the interview.


Ben Gorman who plays Allan Affeldt in the play and Karla Stamps who plays his wife artist Tina Mion.

Steven Ayres also interviewed Micki, along with fiscal sponsor Gail Mangham and actor Dino Palazzi (Dan Lutzick) for the September issue of 5enses Magazine here.


Left to right the real, Dan Lutzick, Tina Mion, and Allan Affeldt in front of La Posada Hotel and Gardens, Winslow.


On September 23, actor Dino Palazzi (right) met his real-life counterpart Dan Lutzick (left) responsible with Allan, Tina, and Keith Mion for bringing Mary Colter's masterpiece back to life. 

In 2017, Little Black Dress INK founder Tiffany Antone interviews Micki in the days leading up to Female Playwrights ONSTAGE. Click on the logo to hear the interview, then click on the photo to watch Evolution Fast Track on YouTube.

In 2010 Andrew Johnson-Schmidt interviewed Micki on his radio program "Prescott Arts Beat." 

It's inspiring to hear Micki talk about her play Fred and Mary two years before it became a funded, realized production at Prescott's historical Elks Theatre as part of the Arizona Centennial Production in 2012. 


Listen to Segment 1 of the interview

Image from a reading of the play at La Posada Hotel and Gardens, Winslow, AZ in 2010. L

Colin McFadden and Ben Tyler as railroad executives, Herb Voss as Fred Harvey.


Listen to Segment 2 

Image from a rehearsal of the Elks production, 2012. Cecily Overman as Mary, Fil Kewanyama as Ed Kabotie

Listen to Segment 3 

Cast of the 2012 production of Fred and Mary: An Unconventional Romance, 2012, Elks Theatre,

Prescott, Arizona 


Sandy Moss Interviews Micki on Sandy and Friends, January 18, 2018.
Click on the photo to watch.
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