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  Available Plays

Click a link below to find a list of Micki's plays.

Medea's Ghost "Medea's Ghost is a true masterpiece. Micki Shelton has deftly woven together the societal issues of illegal immigration, single motherhood, and mental illness to create a darkly compelling piece of theatre that challenges audiences to question their own capacity to love, to sin, and ultimately, to forgive." ~ Debra Rich Gettleman, Actor and Playwright

Elkhorn Slough

“Some of the sharpest, wittiest dialogue I’ve seen in a while. The whole thing was striking and hilariously funny." ~ City Lights subscriber, June 2001.

*&%$*# brilliant! ~ City Lights subscriber, June 2001.

Circles “…very much about contemporary women’s issues from a perspective that is feminist but not stridently so… the play is infused by a sense of myth and spirituality. While its characters and their interaction adhere to the tenets of realism, the play’s form breaks from the traditions of the “well-made play” in favor of a more contemporary rhythm and a subtler trajectory… I commend the play and its author to you.” ~ John Glore, Literary Manager, South Coast Repertory

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