Short Plays

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When Piñon Outdoor downsizes, middle manager Holly finds herself juggling a pretentious GPS, a Native American park ranger, and a man on a horse in remote Hovenweep National Monument. A one-act. 

Evolution Fast Track


From Eve, to Pandora, to Hillary's use of a private email server, it seems that women are blamed for flipping everything. If time isn't linear, could we--maybe?--change that?

The Source

The shit hits the fan when A & R rep Sal Danzer prepares to cancel a contract with jazz pianist Cecil Thomas.

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Curve Ball

As Dean and Alan, two self-acknowleged geeks, enjoy the world series and mansplain curvature of space, Brigid throws them a curveball.


A life-long New Yorker reminisces about a time when things were different, when a Jewish girl and an Irish boy couldn't ... well, they just couldn't.

The Face in the Mirror

Brandy and Jane have spent the day selling their mother’s belongings. Now that the estate-sale hyenas have left, the sisters explore divergent attitudes about “that face in the mirror.” 

Bridge Day

A young woman is hoping to find a bike pump. Frank is beleaguered by the mass of stuff in his garage. Gwendolyn is overwhelmed by life itself. Yet, in the midst of ordinary days, life has a way of surprising us all.

Elkhorn Slough

When Claire’s car breaks down on Highway 1, near Elkhorn Slough, Kelly confronts her sister about their last episode together there. But the attack by the goose was not the most dramatic thing that ever happened there, says Claire. It was that time with Seamus. In the version The Marsh, it is a mother and daughter who share these quite unexpected experiences.

All the Glory

The Angel Bob is fed up. Not only is his earthly charge particularly difficult, but none of his assignments are noteworthy. Gabriel gets to announce a virgin birth for Heaven’s sake! Still, when Bob enters God’s office to complain, he learns that the Almighty has a surprise for him.

Please Knock if Amritsar Not Required

Three women are on a road trip. Wendy has spent the day exploring the town’s thrift stores. Charlotte is at her laptop. Eva has just come in from exercising. Soon, the three will go out to dinner. Wendy, however, has returned with her prized purchase—a child’s pillow with pull-out characters, an object Charlotte finds odd, to say the least. Thus begins a conversation about attraction, sex, and morality that will keep you, if not the writing on the pillow, in stitches.

The Hike

When Kelly finally gets to go on the hike Dad always promised to share with her, Dad isn’t there. Or is he?

Lunch at McDonald's

Something cosmic must have drawn these two vegetarians into the McDonald’s restaurant lost in the Arizona desert. As Mars explores the alien menu, her son becomes more and more agitated. Nonetheless, there is something charming about this never-grown-up flower child, and we cannot help but enjoy watching her antics as she discovers love in the unlikeliest of places. 

In A Corner

How does a mother deal with the loss of a child? As seemingly fragile Amanda Jones emerges from a courtroom, she is confronted by a cacophony of reporters' voices, but the brash reporter who interviews her ultimately finds himself to be the weaker of the two.

Drum Beat

Whether it's Reagan, the Dubya, or Trump in the White House, things look pretty damn bleak. A history.

A one-act in three scenes.

A Few Good Lines

Mary and Peter are writing a screenplay. All Peter does is stir the tanks when what the @$#%&? Suddenly, the only words coming out of their mouths are lines from old movies. The thing about life is, it gets weird. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night! 

Amici Recast

Inspiration comes from a surprising source as a playwright writes and revises her newest work.

Ryan's Birthday Toast

Paul and Chuck are waiting at a bar to offer Ryan feedback on the toast he's composing for the President's birthday celebration. Ryan arrives, speech in hand, but freaks as he reads his tortured praise, and his true feelings pour out in a relentless diatribe.


St. Agnes in Agony

Agnes is married to God, but in the midst of the Diocletian Persecutions, for different reasons, neither her father nor the governor's son can respect her commitment. Christa is preparing to testify about sexual abuse. Shifting between ancient Rome and 21st Century America, this one-act dramatically connects contemporary and 4th Century Roman abuse, particularly as it relates to women. 

Read Actor and Director Gail Mangham's response to the first public reading of St. Agnes in Agony.

Puzzles and Borderlines

Confused and alone the midst of the Coronavirus, an astronaut meets Peter at the gate. He's just a doorkeeper but he has a lot of wisdom and helps her see through a different lens.