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Excerpt of The Hike (formatted for web viewing.)

(from near the end)


DAD: Stop. Moose! Hush.

KELLY: It wasn’t here.

DAD: What?

KELLY: It was at Prairie Creek!

DAD: That’s right. We never made it to—

KELLY: Why did you have to—?

DAD: What? Protect you? (Stunned.) Because you’re my, my, my life. My everything after your mom died.

KELLY: But it never saw me. You were such an easy target.

DAD: I suppose he thought I’d make a good mate.


(Laughs. Eventually, KELLY begins laughing too. Then, as she continues laughing, DAD falls quiet. Eventually, KELLY notices that he is quiet, and recumbent.)

KELLY: (Tenderly.) I wanted you with me. I wanted you here to take this hike with me. (Beat.) We waited too long.


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