Full-Length Plays

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The year is 1978. A priceless, papyrus codex is uncovered in an Egyptian tomb. Over 1600 years old, the manuscript is in good condition until it spends 17 years on the black market.


Infinitely fragile, fragments are finally pieced together in a Swiss lab. Yet its journey is less shocking than its content, for this is The Gospel of Judas. At its core, the play asks “in a world where facts keep changing, how do we discover truth and how does our search for it affect us?” 

Medea's Ghost

Convicted of the most unforgivable of crimes, Mary is haunted by the media circus surrounding her case and, surreally, by two ghosts of Greek tragedy. A Mexican immigrant named Teresa finds herself inexorably drawn to Mary by fate and circumstance, and visits her in prison. Their emotional journey toward personal redemption lays bare the darkest territories of the human soul, where only grace dares shed its light.

Cheap Food and Sex

When two therapies converge in the Arizona desert, love is in the air; but supporting his mom’s way of healing her inner child still isn’t enough to prepare Garth for Frank’s ‘great white hunter’ ritual—or for his New York daughter, Serena. Sometimes a good laugh at ourselves is the best way to communicate and, maybe, the only way to heal the planet.


What happens when one woman keeps returning to the same restaurant, sometimes with one man, sometimes with another? The circumspect waiter may keep it to himself, but he can’t help but notice. Samantha knows she loves Amici Trattoria, but she can’t seem to decide between her husband and her mentor. If only choosing a lover were as easy as choosing a restaurant!


Fred and Mary:
An Unconventional Romance

Sparkling with fire and wit, Fred and Mary re-imagines the relationship between ground-breaking architect Mary Jane Colter and pioneering hotelier Fred Harvey who has been credited with “civilizing” the West. Straddling the border between historical and alternate realities, their story is interwoven with the beauty and culture of the indigenous people of the Southwest.

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Five women have been invited to join Emily for her 50th birthday. Four are long-time friends, one Emily's older sister, one is new to the circle. Asked to bring a gift that can't be wrapped, Cass cooks borscht; Gertie brings a Celtic waulking song; Mona a spiritual vision, Jo cleans house, and Maria Evangelina—? As the women share their joys and fears, their motivations and philosophies, they find that the bond of their friendship is their strongest support system.

Married, Taken or Gay: A Comedy

Rebecca (a therapist), Andrea (a political activist), and Claudia (a young executive) are each looking for the right man in a world where all the best ones are either married, taken, or gay. While most of the comedy’s rapid-fire dialogue takes place at a table in either the trio’s favorite coffeehouse or neighborhood wine bar—pools of light, enlivened by a single versatile actor, reveal what actually happened in medias res before the women arrived on stage. 

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Alice in Quarantine 


Written in concert with ten other playwrights, this pandemic-proof play is designed for socially distanced production. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the family-friendly script offers multiple scene options per chapter, making it highly customizable for schools and theatre companies. Because this play was written in conjunction with ten other playwrights, information at plaguewrites.com.