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Medea's Ghost (Full-Length)


"As for the problem of evil, it cannot be solved, but as Mary and Teresa help each other to face the darkest parts of their own souls, they grope their way toward—not quite understanding, but an acceptance, an openness to divine grace. The final scene, a prayer both simple and infinitely complicated, is stunning, one of those pure moments." ~ Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic, Feb. 1, 2010 

Discovery (Full-Length)

“Micki, I’m very, very impressed with Discovery. What a fantastic play! Not only would it make a Tony Award winning stage play, I couldn’t stop seeing it as an award-winning screenplay as well. I love the characters, the dialogue. It's very entertaining!...You must get it to a more open-minded community (New York or Hollywood). I really, really enjoyed reading it!"

~ Tatiana Morpugo, Playwright, Member of the Dramatists Guild of America 

St. Agnes in Agony (One-Act)

"Wow — Well done! It's crystal clear and so alive. I'm excited about plays that can bridge between history and today, and yours does it so beautifully." ~ Rachael Carnes, Playwright

Amici (Full-Length)

“… presents a compelling (and nearly universal) dilemma among a group of engaging characters, and tells its story with a simplicity that doesn’t get in the way of the dilemma’s inherent complexity. Amici strikes me as an imminently producible play for the right theater.” ~ John Glore, Literary Manager, South Coast Repertory

"What a delicious monologue you have composed, so full of the spirit of Creation Spirituality! Its invitation to pleasure in the abundance of life should be heard by many. We hope your play is mounted often." ~ Gail Sofia Ransom

The Source (10-Minute)

"The Source asks big questions we all face. Why do we do what we do? How do we make the decisions we make? Must everything have a price? In her brief play, playwright Micki Shelton uses an after-hours encounter between a musician and his agent to explore the conflict between the pursuit of one's heart and the need to be commercially viable. This is important stuff well worth pondering.~ Richard Warren, Playwright

Fred and Mary: An Unconventional Romance (Full-Length)

"Channeling a 30-something Katharine Hepburn, Cecily Overman creates a compelling portrait of Mary [Colter] as an indomitable woman with an acerbic wit who more than held her own in an era ruled by men. Under the direction of Kate Hawkes, the actress gets strong support from Colin McFadden and Ben Gorman as company men Ford F. Harvey and J.F. Huckel, as well as from Andréa Morales as Minnie Huckel, Fred Harvey's daughter and Mary's ally in the good-natured battle of the sexes that plays out charmingly....In all her work, [Colter] aimed to honor the culture and the artistry of the Southwest's Native tribes. It was a passion she shared with company founder Fred Harvey, who died in 1901, the same year Colter got her first design commission from his heirs. History says the two never met, but in this play they do, because, as narrator "Old Mary" (Gail Mangham) puts it, 'I've always invented histories for my buildings, so why not tell my story however I want?'"  ~ Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic, July 11, 2012


Circles (Full-Length)

Circles is true to life in the way it portrays the relationships among six women friends who have gotten together at a beach house to celebrate Emily’s 50th birthday … and to keep all this female bonding from becoming too touchy-feely, Emily’s sister, Jo, is the fly in the aromatherapy oil…” ~ Anne Gelhaus, Drama Critic for Metro, Silicon Valley’s Weekly Newspaper

Evolution Fast Track (10-Minute)

"I had no idea how profound this play was on first reading. What am I talking about??? It took me weeks to glimpse how cool it was. Thank you for letting me a part of it!" ~ Julie Harrington, Actor (One)

"I loved directing this play! A perfect example of a 10 minute script." ~ Pamela Sterling, Director

2013 Buckey Award for Outstanding Literary Artist (Prescott, Arizona)

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