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Rights and Usage

Royalty arrangements and licenses must be secured well in advance of presentation. Royalty fees are set upon application on a sliding scale in accordance with your producing circumstances and will depend upon such considerations as size and type of venue, run of show, and theater budget.


Royalties are payable one week before the opening performance of the play. Royalty of the required amount must be paid whether the play is presented for charity or gain and whether or not an admission is charged. That being said, Micki Shelton is often happy to make her plays available to school productions for student study and performance with appropriate authorship credit.


Due authorship credit must be given on all programs, printing, and advertising for the play, and the following notice must appear on all programs: Produced by special arrangement through


Only changes (including omissions and additions) specifically allowed in the preface to an individual play may be made in the play unless prior permission has been granted by the playwright.


For royalty information on a stage play, to receive a copy of a script, or for more information, please contact Micki at

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