Alice in Quarantine: A Drive-Through Adventure 

What do you do when all your favorite theatres are shuttered?


Early in the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Tiffany Antone invited eleven female playwrights to team up to write a most peculiar pandemic-proof play.

Each playwright was encouraged to write scenes based on favorite chapters from Alice in Wonderland. I was one of the eleven writers accepting the challenge--along with Allie Costa, Sharon Goldner, Jen Huszcza, Mildred Inez Lewis, Charissa Menefee, Amanda Petefish-Schrag, Taylor Sklenar, Cynthia Wands, Jennie Webb, and of course Tiffany.


After productions in Atherton, California and Dallas,Texas, two publishers contacted us about publishing the full play, and that has now happened.


Scripts of Alice in Quarantine: A Drive-Through Adventure are available now from Next Stage Press.

My three scenes are based on Alice chapters 6, 8, and 9; and they are available as stand-alone 10-minute plays on New Play Exchange, titled

  • A Game of Croquet

  • The Duchess, the Pig Baby, and the Cheshire Cat, and

  • Morals, Manners, and Matriculation



Here's What's New

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Upcoming Events

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Monday, April 4, 2022

This One Wild and Precious Life by Micki Shelton

New Play Reading Series: "First Look"

Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, presents a live reading of Micki's play This One Wild and Precious Life at 7:00 PM on April 4, 2022. Inspired by Mary Oliver's poetry, Micki's newest work-in-progress focuses on two young women and the Mom who says she raised them both. Kellsi wants Sara to acknowledge and return her love. Sara finds herself in a real war she doesn’t understand. In the midst of the chaos, the poetry of Mary Oliver in its own good time shows the way home.


After the studio's live reading, the audience gets a chance to provide feedback and help the playwright continue work on her inventive work-in-progress. The reading of Micki's play, along with plays by other studio members are FREE to the public. As the season progresses, you can find all "First Look" readings (as well as the studio's production season) at Theatre Artists Studio:

Other free "First Look" readings coming this spring & summer at The Studio at 7PM:

February 21, Untouched, by Tim Ashby

May 16, Field of Flowers, by Alan Austin 

June 20, 2022, Disinfecting Edwin, by Amy Hartman

Previous Events


March 8, 2021, 7 PM

La Posada by Micki Shelton

Theatre Artists Studio's

New Play Reading Series: "First Look"

Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, presents an online Zoom reading of Micki's play La Posada. After the reading, the audience gets to provide feedback using Zoom's chat function to help the playwright continue work on this inventive work-in-progress. The reading of Micki's play, along with plays by other studio members are FREE to the public and you can find them by going to Theatre Artists Studio's Facebook page.

Click the small icon and scroll through to view Tina Mion's paintings featured in the play. (The icon must be near the top of this webpage to open).

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Live on YouTube
Puzzles and Borderlines
by Micki Shelton
Ben Gorman CMYK.jpg

Red Earth Theatre selected Puzzles and Borderlines

to launch its Online Play Project.

Directed  by Kate Hawkes, starring Ben Gorman as Peter, and Catherine Landeta as Jane, the live-stream reading aired Thursday night, April 16, 2020, and now lives on YouTube.


Here's what some people have said about it.

"WATCH THIS. Powerful, insightful, and beautifully written, this play connects a Vermeer painting, geopolitical mapping, social policy, technology, reverence, science, ancient history, and belief to explore our world before, during, and after COVID-19. In doing so, Shelton raises the most profound questions: What does it mean to be human? What lens do we use to view the world? What are our conceptions and projections? What difference can we make in our natural world? And what is the connection between awe and love? Thanks to Shelton, I will be “puzzling” for a long time." -- Nancy Currey, International Student Recruiter, Northern Arizona University

"Well Done Micki. Love the lyricism of the piece. Let’s all fervently hope that in this period we do indeed reflect and find ourselves on a path to a world without borders, a world wherein humanity does not divide itself from nature nor from its own species. Thank you for a lovely meditation on what could be." -- Gail Mangham, Producing Artistic Director, The Artists Path.

Catherine Landeta

Earlier Events

Married, Taken, Gay flyer.jpg
An Iliad poster Elks PAC Feb17 v3.jpg

September 14, 2020, 7 PM

Married, Taken or Gay by Micki Shelton

Theatre Artists Studio's

New Play Reading Series

Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, presents an online Zoom reading of Micki's romantic comedy Married, Taken, or Gay. After the reading, the audience gets to provide feedback using Zoom's chat function to help the playwright continue work on this inventive work-in-progress. The reading of Micki's play, along with plays by other studio members are FREE to the public and you can find them by going to Theatre Artists Studio's Facebook page.


Rebecca (a therapist), Andrea (a political activist), and Claudia (a young executive) are each looking for the right man in a world where all the best ones are either married, taken, or gay. While most of the comedy’s rapid-fire dialogue takes place at a table in either the trio’s favorite coffeehouse or their neighborhood wine bar—pools of light, enlivened by a single versatile actor, reveal what actually happened in medias res before the women arrived on stage. Rebecca’s dating a Muslim. Claudia’s seeing a Bohemian artist. Andrea can’t find Mr. Right. The only man on stage is the barista, and he has no lines. 

February 17, 2020, 6:30 PM

An Iliad by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare

Elk's Performing Arts Center

3rd Floor, Crystal Hall

For one night, on February 17th, veteran actor Ben Gorman returns to Prescott as “the Poet” (an unnamed Bard) who, by fits and starts, unfolds Homer's ancient narrative poem The lliadcoloring it with his personal anecdotes and descriptions, giving it immediacy and depth. Far from the delivery of a dry history lesson, the Poet’s dynamic retelling brings the tale to vivid life and gives it relevance to the modern audience he addresses. He distills The Iliad’s vast scope down to human scale by portraying a handful of iconic characters and their fateful interactions in the Trojan War. Humankind’s incessant urge to warfare is rarely so clearly illuminated, and its cost so feelingly expressed.

Suffused with an engaging immediacy, this production of An Iliad was produced in August of 2019 by the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, Minnesota. It is sponsored in Prescott by The Artist's Path. Employing only minimal stagecraft, the play stands in a class of exceptional theatrical experience and is raw storytelling at its best, vigorous and deeply affecting.

Previously, in 2012 at the Elks, Ben Gorman performed the role of J.F. Huckel in the Arizona Centennial premiere of Micki Shelton's play Fred and Mary. Here's your chance to see this fabulous actor again in a one-man show that is not to be missed. One night only.

For tickets and venue information, visit the Elks PAC site: For more information on the production, visit Commonweal’s web page at or call Micki at (928) 713-6288.


Tickets $19.95 at, by calling (928) 777-1370, or at the door.

A Few Previous Events featuring Micki's Work
October 29, 2018, 7 PM
The Artist’s Path and Tomorrow’s Theatre Tonight, in conjunction with Little Black Dress, INK,  present “A Night of Furies” at First Congregational Church, 216 E. Gurley Street, Prescott at 7PM.
The evening features a stage reading of Micki's play St. Agnes in Agony. This new one-act dramatically connects contemporary and 4th Century Roman abuse, particularly as it relates to women.
After the reading, Playwright and Resilience Coach Kate Hawkes of Sedona will be on hand to help the audience discuss their reactions to both the play and current events.
FREE event. Post Even Note: Donations to the event were given to PASS, Prescott Area Shelter Services:

Click on the "Blog" link, then the "What I'm Reading" link to read what actor and director Gail Mangham had to say about Prescott's "​A Night of Furies" event described above.

September 9, 2018, 1 to 5 PM
Join Micki at "The Natural Women" celebration at 
The Highland Center for Natural History, Prescott

"If the Woods Had Words"

Take an easy half-hour stroll along the garden path with writer and playwright, Micki Shelton. See nature's wonders through the eyes of a poet.


July and August 2018

Herberger Theater Center's Kax Stage

Lunch Time Theater

Live in Phoenix? Traveling to the Science Museum or for work? For $7, you can watch 5 short plays on your lunch break! The theme this month is "Life in the Theatre." Bring your lunch or pre-order it from the theater's caterer. 

Here's the line-up.

  • The Story Tellers by Susan Sindelar

  • Alas Poor Fool by Terry Rose Younger & Mary Robinson

  • Intermission by Joe Bardin

  • Amici Recast by Micki Shelton 

  • Marketing Committee by Joe Bardin

Where exactly? The Herberger Theater is at 222 E. Monroe Street. Directions and Parking here. The Kax Stage is located on the southwest corner of Van Buren and 3rd Street 

One evening show. See you there! July 23rd at 7PM.

Theatre Artists Studio

12406 N. Paradise Village Parkway East


June 13, 2018, 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Name that film!

Prescott Film Festival,

Yavapai College, Building 3, Room 119

A Few Good Lines is coming, for free, to the Prescott Film Festival at Yavapai College on the afternoon of  June 13th. This delightful production features JC Lawler and Paige LaForte and is directed by Patrick David DuHaime who employs special effects to bring my play to life. Heck, if you live in The Valley, why not escape the heat and come enjoy the whole film festival? Check out the whole program here.


How often do you reply in conversation with a line from a movie? “Here’s lookin’ at you kid,” “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” or maybe “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Mary and Peter are writing a screenplay. And all Peter does is "stir the tanks" when what the @$#%&? Suddenly, the only words coming out of their mouths are lines from classic movies. During the play those who wish to get a chance to identify movies from which the lines are taken. Those who identify the most lines get a prize!

June 14 - 24, 2018

Theatre Artists Studio

Festival of Summer Shorts


For the second year in a row, I have a play in Theatre Artists Studio's Festival of Summer Shorts. My play Jitterbug first written for the 2016 One-Day Plays in Prescott, was selected to be included along with 7 other 10-minute plays by some of Arizona's finest playwrights, including Kirt ShinemanDebra Rich Gettleman, and Alan Austin. I'm honored. Mark your calendars. The show runs for just two weekends. Tickets available online or by calling the studio.

Thursdays thru Saturdays 7:30 PM

Sunday Matinees 2 PM