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Excerpt of Holly  (formatted for web viewing.)


(BEN and HOLLY have taken refuge in a kiva during a hailstorm. As they entered, the ruin transformed into a traditional kiva with complete walls and a roof.)

HOLLY: So, tell me: What’s a kiva?

BEN: (He responds in Hopi, then in English) Bum-uh-teh-heh-eh. A structure connecting the two worlds. (HOLLY is clueless.)The floor is related to the world below, the entrance to the world above. (Still clueless.) It is a sacred place, between realities. (Still clueless.) It’s for ceremonies.

HOLLY: Are you a medicine man?

BEN: God no. I’m a park ranger.

HOLLY: But you know how to build a fire.

BEN: Good Indian.

(BEN takes a few pinches of herbs from his medicine bag and sprinkles them on the ground.)

HOLLY: Will that make the fire catch?

BEN: No. It just smells good. (The fire is still not catching.) Damn matches.

HOLLY: Rub two sticks together.

BEN: You’re kidding, right?

HOLLY: Well—?

BEN: You rub two sticks together. I went to the Air Force Academy. We had lighters.

(HOLLY hands BEN a lighter.)

HOLLY: Here.

BEN: Thanks. (The fire begins to catch. BEN blows on it and helps it ignite over the next few lines. They sit.) What’s wrong with your job?

HOLLY: ‘Scuse me?

BEN: When I found you kicking your tire, you were yelling that you hate your job.

HOLLY: (Calming.) Yeah, well I went a little insane there for a few minutes.

BEN: You don’t like the out-of-doors?

HOLLY: Actually, I do. Well, used to. No I do. And this morning’s drive was breathtaking.

BEN: But you don’t like it here.

HOLLY: I don’t like jutted roads and flat tires.

BEN: They should have given you a four-wheel drive.

HOLLY: Tell me something I don’t know. You live out here?

BEN: I live in Flagstaff.

HOLLY: Is that where the reservation is?

BEN: I live in a condo.

HOLLY: Isn’t that an awfully long drive every day?

BEN: I spend two months up here every year. Gives the resident ranger a chance to visit her family. So?


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