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Excerpt of The Face in the Mirror

(formatted for web viewing.)


JANE: Just a minute. I want to show you something. (She exits, then returns with the 1940’s skirt described above. Beaming as she holds it up.) Look!

BRANDY: Where did you get that?

JANE: I saved it.

BRANDY: You saved it? Why don’t I have it?

JANE: Because you never saved anything because you were (Then with BRANDY chiming in.) “little goat bleat.”

BRANDY: Well, it should be mine. At least now.


BRANDY: Because it doesn’t mean anything to you.

JANE: Yes it does. It means I’m a pack rat.

BRANDY: It doesn’t mean anything—spiritual.

JANE: Spiritual? This is spiritual?

BRANDY: It’s an heirloom.

JANE: Exactly. My heirloom. My heirloom because I saved it.

BRANDY: But I’m the one who thought she was beautiful. I’m the one who wanted to dress like that.


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