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Excerpt of All the Glory (formatted for web viewing.)


(From near the beginning) 

(GOD’s office. BOB rushes in, picks up a chair, and moves it closer to GOD’s desk.)


BOB: I’ve had it! There’s way to much to do. I can’t begin to impart a calming presence under these circumstances. Oh yeah. Excuse me. (Quickly, as by rote.) Hear me, Oh God, as I voice my complaint. Look. Look at my wings! Forget winging my flight o’er all the earth! Forget manifesting a tranquil stillness. Last week, I appeared to a Hindu child as a Jewish rabbi! You think that brought a calming presence? One of these days, I’m going to forget to cloke myself when I take on a material body and I’ll be discovered. Mark my word, I’ll be discovered!

GOD: What I hear you saying is you’re at the end of your rope. You’re afraid things are starting to fall through the cracks.

BOB: Exactly.

GOD: So, specifically—

BOB: This latest charge you gave me. She’s very difficult!

GOD: Would you like to talk about it?

BOB: Of course I’d like to talk about it! Why do you think I’m here?

GOD: It sounds to me that you’re feeling hostile.

BOB: I don’t want to play this game.

GOD: What game is that?

BOB: Troubled patient and understanding counselor.

GOD: And his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace.

BOB: Don’t let’s start that. I thought that was your son anyway.


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