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             La Posada by Micki Shelton

Oct 6, 7, & 14, 2023 at Prescott's Elks Theatre

The Artist's Path announces the premiere of Micki Shelton's newest play La Posada at Prescott, Arizona's Elks Theatre.


Directed by Kate Hawkes, La Posada opens October 6th at 7:00 PM with additional performances October 7th at 7:00 PM

and October 14th at 2:00 PM. Tickets are available here.

If you would like to hear about the play and help us meet our expenses, please go to or text Micki at (928) 713-6288 about how to make a donation by check to our fiscal sponsor, The Artist's Path, Inc.

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Check out the amazing rewards we have for those able to help with larger donations. Donated by Barry Barbe and Allan Affeldt these delightful perks offer surprising opportunities for you and your friends.


Three out-of state actors have traveled to Prescott to play the key roles of Allan Affleldt, Tina Mion, and Dan Lutzick, and seven wonderful local actors, fill out the rest of the cast. To read about our actors click here.



BECAUSE the events of the last few years and more recent international upheavals call for uplifting stories like those of La Posada.

BECAUSE the struggle, commitment and joy of creating something new from the ashes of history is an inspiring guide for all of us. 




On the face of it, La Posada is about the restoration of Mary Colter’s abandoned architectural masterpiece--and it is! On a captivating level, it is about the unlikely trio who brought it back to life: activist Allan Affeldt, artist Tina Mion, and sculptor Dan Lutzick. Part fantasy, mostly history, this is their story. 


Much of the story turns on Ms. Mion’s paintings, several of which appear in our production. You can view them by clicking on the small icon below.

Click the small icon and scroll through to view Tina Mion's paintings featured in the play. Move the icon to the top of this webpage to open.







At the time of this post, our 501(c)3 supporting organization The Artist's Path has raised over $8,000—guaranteeing essential technical aspects including Set, Lighting, Projection, and Sound. Our next goal of $11,500, guarantees small stipends for our Director, Actors, and Stage Manager. It also provides funding for Costumes, Props, Marketing and Promotion. Many small gifts from generous people are continuing to help us raise the money we need to meet our financial obligations. If you know someone able to donate a generous amount toward the needed $11,500, have them take a look at the gifts we offer our principal patrons at amounts of $1,000 to $5,000.

Many of our donations have been given by check. Others have been made through our GoFundMe campaign. Contact Micki to donate by a check made out to The Artist's Path. To make a donation through here:

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